Bishop Knudsen announces Domain development consultant

Hansen brings life-long camping experience to Domain development position

Domain Development Strategist Named“I am pleased to announce that we have engaged Jane Hansen as Development Consultant for the Cathedral Domain,” says Bishop Chilton Knudsen. “Jane brings a background in retail business, marketing, management of non-profit volunteers and camping to this position, as well as an excitement about utilizing these experiences in ministry.”

“Her role is not fund-raising, (although she will refer all potential donors to our campaign for the Domain!), but promotion and publicity about the Domain as it approaches its centennial.”

“As an independent contractor, Jane will increase visibility of the Domain in the diocese, ecumenical and non-profit communities, assuring that the Domain is utilized as fully as it deserves to be. She will work closely with Canon Andy Sigmon, Director of the Cathedral Domain Camp and Conference Center, and the Camp and Conference Board.”

“I look forward to working with Jane as she spreads the message of the great work happening on this holy mountain for people of all ages throughout the region,” says Sigmon. “This is a position that the Board had identified a need for and I’m thrilled to see it finally happening, and to welcome Jane.”

Domain Development Strategist NamedJane Hansen attended camp for the first time at age nine, at Camp Otonka, near Versailles, Kentucky. Her life journey has taken her from her native Paris, Kentucky to Lexington, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Houston, Atlanta, back to Texas and now “home” to Versailles, where she is a new member of St. John’s and working with the pastoral care team — and a “purpose I believe God was moving me toward,” she said as she headed toward Lee County and an eagerly anticipated meeting with Canon Andy Sigmon on her first day on the job. A lifelong Episcopalian, and native of the Diocese of Lexington, Hansen has fond memories of childhood camping experiences at the Domain, and “can’t want to see all that has happened at the Domain during the years I have been gone from Kentucky-and to meet Andy Sigmon. I see the work I have been called to as something that will hopefully be a support and compliment to all that he does, and has done.”

She was the founding partner/owner of Varden’s Boutique and Art Gallery and Tiffany’s Tea Room in Paris, Kentucky, which was well-known for its planned events, book signings, and catering; a residential real estate agent for Madeline O’Brien Reality in Houston, Texas, and Jenny Pruitt and Associates in Atlanta, Georgia, a Million Dollar Club member and realtor of the year. Among her formative business experiences she counts being a part of both successful and difficult operations of retail businesses and a museum shop and the museum board of directors. An active community volunteer wherever she has lived, she has organized and led volunteers for such entities as the Olympic Games in Atlanta, the Festival of Trees in Atlanta, National Clay Court Tennis Tournament in Houston and the Historic McCLendon House in Tyler, Texas, and co-founded the Stoner Creek Arts Guild in Paris, Kentucky. A former Pan American Airlines International Flight attendant and purser, she served as President of World Wings International. Her life in seven dioceses of the Episcopal Church has found her serving as a youth director, Sunday School teacher, Stephen minister, EfM graduate, and member of the altar guild.

“I have spent innumerable weeks and weekends at camps across California, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina and Kentucky as camper, counselor, parent, for adult education, spiritual retreats, board retreats and personal get-away times. I cannot think of any time at any of these camps when I was not reminded once again of the importance of the camping experience. From the outdoor activities I learned or renewed, to the wonderful and varied people I was introduced to and expected to live with, camping has been and continues to be formative in my life. I have slept in a cottage with as many as 12 women, one bunk apart — not knowing one soul when I arrived, and leaving with 12 new sisters of the heart.

Domain Development Strategist Named“I have seen camps from the most sophisticated to the most rustic. I have seen camps for the elite, and camps that work only with children who have nothing. I have had the pleasure of working with people who dedicate themselves to the ministry of camping, and by giving their time, energy and creativity, give so much of the world to those who attend camps. I have always remembered that my father, who spent many years as a waterfront director at Camp Petosgah in Michigan said that the best way to know anyone is to go on a two week camping trip with them. I believe it is true — and there is no better way than camping to start developing into the person God intends each of us to be. I believe that God has led me to this work with and for the Cathedral Domain, and I could not be more excited and more eager to visit our congregations, vestries, youth groups, individuals and families, as well as to make new contacts for this wonderful camp and conference center ministry.”

Jane is mother of Blanton Hansen, League City, Texas and Sarah Hansen Smith, Georgetown, Kentucky, both veteran campers and counselors, who look forward to their children Collier, 7, Blair, 6, and Brooke, 3 becoming campers in the not-too-distant future.

Speaking briefly with the LINK after her first visit to the mountain, Hansen expressed her appreciation for the dedicated work that has made the Domain the important ministry it is today. “I can’t wait to spend time at camps and see all of the things Andy told me about in operation; and to do all I can to make sure all it has to offer is made known in as many ways as we can do it. I love Andy’s passion for this ministry, and can’t wait to be a part of it.”

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