The Cathedral Domain: Ministry on the Mountain

There is a place for retreat, re-creation, reflection, prayer, bonding and personal growth on a mountain; a place where so many have experienced God’s presence and where age-old universal values hold dominance over short-cuts to the fulfillment of personal desires; a place that is within our diocese. The Cathedral Domain, home to a remarkable ministry of our members, is an oasis of serenity in a society that is caught up in increasing busy-ness, substantial stress, evidences of erosion of certain of our crucial societal values, and a nagging concern that economic circumstances will diminish our personal well-being regardless of our frenetic pace. Further, while we receive routine announcements of advances in communications technology, we seem to be more and more isolated as the perceived time for communal “togetherness” is being squeezed out of our lives by the demands for personal response to the busy, fallible human world. Loren Eiseley, author of The Star Thrower, reminds us, in the words of a reviewer of the book, that “there is another life we may live, one where money, which has come to be central to our societies, and the essential human weakness, has no place beside the whisper of leaves drifting to the forest floor and the silken flow of crystal waters.”

When the disciples were becoming besieged by the “many coming and going, and they didn’t have time to eat,” Jesus did not respond with an admonition to work harder and longer. He said to them,”Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest awhile.” (Mark 6:30-31)

Countless counselors, children, teens and adults have “come aside to the deserted place” of the Cathedral Domain where, in the words of a refreshed camper, “One big saying on the mountain is ‘Domain Love.’ Most people use it to show that they feel loved and that they are giving love all week while being up here. The word is very different to me. It’s not as much a saying; it’s a meaning. The love you might experience in your hometown comes nowhere close to the love you feel on the mountain. It’s a different kind of love, like the love you get from going to church every Sunday, or going on a mission trip with your youth group. The love that is shown through people, but you can tell it’s sent from God.”

The Cathedral Domain is a treasure, a treasure in need of our support. The Diocese, through action of the Executive Council, has determined that a capital campaign would be a vital step in providing the financial component of that needed support. Toward that end, a series of Readiness Assessment programs will be conducted. We will be contacting each congregation for the purpose of scheduling a Readiness Assessment event for the congregation. This event is not about asking for money. We are in a readiness assessment process. Readiness assessment provides the opportunity for dialog about the value and circumstances of The Domain. Schedules will be announced to your congregation and on our web site as they are arranged. Please plan to attend. You are vital in the life of all who would come to the mountain retreat of The Episcopal Diocese of Lexington. We are seeking both your prayers and your advice.

In Christ’s love,